Audience Response System

The audience response system allows participants to respond using a wireless keypad, mobile device or iPad. The questions appear on-screen during a presentation and the results are presented as graphs instantly on screen or mobile display. It is a way to verify and validate various data during meetings, training, conference or other event. This information is compiled in the form of detailed reports for further analysis.


  • Before the event, the customer gives us the questions he designed to be programmed into our software.
  • At the time of the event, each participant will receive for the vote, a wireless keypad format of a credit card.
  • During the presentation, the questions will appear on-screen, participants will vote with their clikers and the results will be presented in real time on the next image.
  • With this information, the system operator provide the customer several detailed reports for further analysis.

Multiple uses

  • Congress and seminars
  • Focus groups
  • Corporate training
  • Employee Feedback
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Entertainment
Paperless surveys and measure results with over 30 detailed reports

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The Eclipse Interactive audience response system will provide simple solutions to captivate your audience with our technology presentation at your next event.

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